Straw Burning Power Plant

Following a successful tender and demonstrating on their first shut down with us a full no notice confined space rescue team, we have now entered into five-year contract with a straw burning power plant providing them the same resources for planned maintenance as well as putting in place a call out team to respond to breakdowns. The customer wanted to find value for money and maintain the skill levels of the rescue personnel giving their contractors confidence. Following a site visit and consultation we provided four rescue operatives, first aid cover along with 8 safety attendants giving 24 hours cover all controlled by our central monitoring point strategically positioned on site. On completion of the project it came in ahead of schedule for the first time and with fewer accidents and incidents than before. Working in conjunction with their own permit system we provided dedicated safety attendants which were deployed to key locations throughout the site and worked directly with their contractors to control the entering and exiting of confined spaces. They were in direct contact with the rescue team during the shifts enabling safety issues to be addressed immediately and ensure standardised communications reducing the turnout time of the rescue operatives.