Water Authorities

February 8, 2019

Water Authorities

We have spent a vast amount of time working on different water authority sites and assets both direct and for contractors. During this time, we have gained great knowledge and understanding on most of the processes and hazards that can be presented.

One project involved a contractor having to carry out a clean on a sewage pumping station containing large quantities of waste known in the industry as rag and grit.

There where multiple landings inside this 12m deep chamber to overcome as well as a toxic gas called hydrogen sulphide. Also present where all the regular hazards associated with this kind of work such as incoming flows possible and diseases which if contracted can ultimately lead to death.

We provided a four-person rescue team consisting of, a dedicated safety attendant 2 rescue entrants and an airline operator. The airline operator took sole charge of our airline equipment provided to protect the contractor’s entrants against the irrespirable atmosphere. We set up tripods and winches on various levels to provide fall protection and rescue as there was no direct line of entry or rescue.

Our safety attendant took charge of the works ensuring it did not go outside of any of the safety parameters and worked directly with the water authorities permit writer and engineer to control water levels through pumping and isolations of incoming feeder stations. Our safety attendant also utilised our documentation system which keeps a time line of events and records activities should this information be required for any incidents that may occur.

Additional PPE and RPE were provided by Civil Engineering Safety saving contractors both lost time and hire costs throughout the project. Many costly solutions were avoided due to the flexibility of Civil Safety’s rescue teams and additional skills.

Contractors were able to work uninterrupted with the knowledge that they were always being monitored and safety managed. The works where completed within the agreed timeframe without incurring further costs. Site safety inspections were carried out and passed with a high standard.

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