Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy

Civil Safety is committed to managing, developing and expanding our business in a sustainable manner. The key to this is not only in maintaining but enhancing our reputation within the industry and meeting customer expectations through exemplary service, innovation and value-added solutions. Civil Safety is committed to continually improving our performance by having an effective PAS99 integrated management system covering Quality Management, Environmental Management and Health and Safety Management in place to deliver best practice.

  • It is the policy of Civil Safety to meet all client, legal and other requirements so as to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our services.
  • It is the policy of Civil Safety to seek to minimise its use of resources as far as reasonably practicable and to prevent pollution.
  • It is the policy of Civil to seek to prevent injury and ill health of our staff, other persons working under our control and visitors to our premises.

We are committed to providing a high quality of service to all our customers. We ensure that every member of staff and all persons working on our behalf are familiar with and competent to carry out the tasks which are applicable to their area of work, in order to minimise the likelihood of failing to meet quality requirements, cause pollution, or endanger themselves or others. To these ends we have implemented a quality management system designed around the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. This management system will help ensure we maintain and continually improve on our high level of customer satisfaction.

We recognise our company has an impact to the environment in a number of ways. We wish to minimise these impacts as part of our commitment to prevent pollution and meet all compliance obligations. To this end we have implemented an environmental management system designed around the international standard ISO 14001. This management system will help ensure that we continually improve our environmental performance.

We firmly believe in the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment with adequate welfare facilities for all our staff, contractors, visitors and anyone affected by our operations. We also take very seriously our responsibility to establish and maintain safe working practices as part of our commitment to prevent work related injury and ill health. As such, we have implemented an occupational health and safety management system designed around the international standard ISO 45001. This management system will help ensure that we continually improve our performance. As part of this management system we are committed to eliminating hazards and reducing occupational health and safety risks through the consultation and participation of our workers and their representatives.

The effectiveness of our integrated systems are continually monitored and improved through our various processes of inspection, audit, monitoring and review. In line with each of the standards we subscribe to we have established objectives at relevant functions and levels within our organisation. We review the suitability and achievement of all objectives during our management review process and as required introduce new objectives targets and programmes to aid our commitment to and drive continual improvement in all areas of our business. For each objective a plan will be produced detailing:

  • What will be done
  • Who will be responsible?
  • What resources will be required
  • When the objective will be completed
  • How the results and outcomes of the objective will be evaluated.

All personnel and contractors will be made aware of and trained in the implications of this policy before commencing work on behalf of Civil Safety This policy is also made available for public viewing on request.