Civil Safety Drainage have a fleet of mobile Lamella Clarifiers ready for rapid deployment onsite. These high performance settling tanks are designed to remove suspended solids from construction wastewater providing effective silt management/Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal.

Our mobile clarifiers are robust, skid-mounted, compact and lightweight making them simple to transport, install and operate. The small footprint enables units to be used in the tightest areas.

The most common source of silt pollution is the result of rainwater runoff from topsoil stripped areas of construction sites. When washed off into nearby watercourses, silt pollution is highly visible and easily traceable back to the site.

It can travel a long way, causing significant environmental harm including suffocating fish by blocking gills and settling on river beds killing bottom dwelling organisms.

There are legal limits for the concentration of suspended solids in discharged water and breaching these is a common reason for construction companies being taken to court and fined.

Lagoon Cleaning:De-Silting in Action
Lagoon Cleaning:De-Silting Vehicle
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