An IDEST Approved Test Centre in Cambridgeshire

February 8, 2023

Civil Safety Training & Rescue is proud to be an IDEST Approved inspection and test centre for diving and breathing gas cylinders.

As an IDEST approved test centre our technicians and facilities have been inspected by IDEST assessors and confirmed to adhere to a recognised Code of Practice CP11:2022 that ensures the highest standards are met.


Hydrostatic Testing for Cylinders

With our hydrostatic testing equipment, we can check your cylinders for their reaction to pressure, detect leaks and check that they perform correctly and are safe to use.

Our team will also conduct a full visual inspection and when your cylinder passes its test you will know it is safe to use and it will be returned to you full, IDEST stamped, and with all the relevant paperwork.


Air Refills

We also provide air refills with air available to 300 bar. Our air exceeds current requirements for recreational and technical diving and a certification of analysis is displayed at all times. We also conduct air quality checks at regular intervals.


Call 01480 220613 to speak with our equipment team today.

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